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by Black Silk

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Strange 04:05
(lyrics) (MusoNi) By no means though There's no innuendos I'm just backed by instrumentals make sense in this existential Into the chase of the self-sufficiency paradigm Pretty much the same things that comes to mind When I respond kindly with optimism as a reflex Every now and then I raid with reigns of tecs Like Juju and Psycho My train wreck of loops I can't let go My style's off the wall Like them Vans sneakers on stereos (Fenly) We winning I don't need the score Just putting numbers on the board Got drip like the wine I pour I'm swerving and I'm wavy Like I'm on a boat So she coming all the way She wanna do this I wanna do this I made a move quick She came again like I looped it Trynna be lowkey But got these eyes on me Wifey a trophy You get seen when you this clean Getting green with the team Where you find me I don't need a thing But loyalty and respect This hustling got me set Rock Supreme on the set I'm supreme with my set We gon make it in a sec Knew I'd make it if I grind Been on a different type of time My whole life line 9-5 paying the bills Then it's the studio Stiiiiiilllllllll They in their feels Cause there's no time to chill I'm just being real (MusoNi) Don't forget the mono Outputs I shapeshift Into rca cables Where frequencies are enabled Envy like Kain and Abel for high-fidelity Sometimes it just don't matter im just tryna ride this beat Or most times I would say It's MÜs I like to Parlay Different from that french verb with same pronounciation All things Black Silk meaning annihilation Glitters ain't goldd Watch your step my brethren It's the late eighties in me 89er, that, book-of-rhymer My mind start to trip like CTE like them football players Inverted coming of age on my grown man shit Why is he acting so, strange? Cats be catching feelings and shit Even in the Past tense Textures that's dense Cristallized frosty packets call us Ice cream men like Master P's I'm still spittin amidst the virus I'm back like Osirus On top of the Empire State Greedy niggas playa hate And we out like this til the batteries run out fuck y'all (Fenly) Told them bout the vision They ain't listen Doubters the reason behind the flexing We busy grinding Mind on the mission Creating flows With hints of wisdom Been at it for a while I was the 1st the plug would dial Lost in the sauce and I went wild Raging backstage Feeling like I'm made She rode me like an electric bull To keep her mind off the bull I'm full of it The strings I'm pulling it I got her saying things Now things are getting strange
(lyrics) (JNL) This some rap shit, Bring it back and you do that that shit Yeah I'm a rapper not a hooligan, who try do to us in.. You know.. Rapper not a hooligan.. You know the rhythm well I Excell from the deepest well See the weakest dwell In the deepest hell Shit is ill Jah spit fire Folks is fire Camp balanced over bared wire Bob Marley seek the higher Reach the mind in a major way I reflect and write the day Check the Shades of grey Tryna freak them in a special way They need to rep they Jay's Rep they A's Before they step to me Hey Never rep the guns But I rep the ones Reverend Tell em fight Or they better run The sun The rain I soak em Cd provoke em And the gods awoke em Shed the light from the solar system Where my homies son Rise Must of missed him See my homie cold Train In the Hella distance Brothers working real hard Trynna make a difference Listen (MusoNi) The shit is just a human construct Populations had to be tamed it's like, getting starstruck Black Silk bomber, hype, like wrestling in the 90s I swear sometimes I do feel like I be in the 90s What if i tell you: past is future I present The beast in me is sleeping Black Silk, no going back.. Like, fucking with a black person Inspecteur ambiance I ran away somewhere, in Compton (Quebec) Out in the woodworks type shit for real Flea market stereo system that's a steal I'd burn, soho in flames like any sketchy facility Stay alert watch out from them falsifying properties Altered states of consciousness mind nest is limitless Montreal swangin' These are just nuts hangin' It's been several days I've been thinking Million ways to die be grateful to be alive Yours Truly, Mus the spirit of '95 (Hook) Slouchy in the afterlife talking like they got me! (*Saafir) (6X) (Fenly) I say what they scared to say Until they put me away In the jungle I stay Your skin can turn you to the prey I keep my eyes open wide To see through all of the lies Im grinding day and night To provide For my people And the ones that died Im Pouring liquor outside Not everyone survives So Ima ride or die I'm up all night Thinking how to get right Fucking my money up I need. It back so I'm at the trap flip a pack Make some racks Let it stack 9 to 5s Help me survive Music kept me alive Making moves what I'm used 2 (MusoNi) Peace to everybody in the Montree And beyond Peace to the 180g wudup Chris Wudup Pro-V wudup Senz Beats wudup Dante Wudup HK wudup P wudup Kaytra Wudup Louie, Green Everybody yanamean Ayo it's like that You got it silked that's when you never get the mic back We doing it like that Delving, constellations, of frequencies Y'all know what it is so don't, get mad at me's Or mines First of all, make sure you got home some nice set of speakers Or at least some phat headphones..
Airport 03:16
(Fenly) We Making moves To get you in the mood Making tunes Shoutout uncle Snoop I been sipping gin juice Since a youth With my cuzzo in the coup And Musoni on the loops I'm in the booth letting loose Spitting truth If I ain't roll it bet I'm hitting deuce These days I need a buzz Drive bys can take you before the corona does So once the pandemic blows It's the airport trudeau we go Im going ghost Shades onLaying low Yo I'm the grind b My shorty fine g Your shorty found me That shorty grimy And moving sloppy Yo Once the pandemic blows Its to the airport trudeau we go going ghost Shades on Laying low I'm the grind b My shorty fine g My shorty fine g (MusoNi) I don't know why This beat reminds me of some airport Pan-am to San Fran where I'd prolly be the last black man U saw that movie? Muso, more liver than a play on broadway So we just let the shit rotate I'd rather bump All Eyez On Me or Eightball's first album All over-your-head like a 59FIFTY I DM'd Pete Rock hope he replies I need that track The Youth from Meccalicious Im tellin ya The Hip Hop Head can be obnoxious Fun fact there's no cursing at all on DOC's No One Can Do It Better On top still Hard as ever I feel like, we, gotta destroy hip hop in order to rebuild it Black Silk on the biggest sweep since that ol' crime bill Thinking of some random place somewhere like Catskills It's just like Organized Konfusion Put some respect, on Prince Po What's really on my mind though is that a thinking man is a danger to the world But a overthinking man is a danger to himself (*peace to Doggie Diamonds for providing this last bar!)
Crossfire 02:14
(lyrics) (Fenly) To the hating I Been unfazed Rather find ways To get paid Moving my way to better days It's Fenly Ask about me I kill it everytime Sound like a OG when i rhyme Serving each line like nickels and dimes Grinding in my city got me icy Though I rather be lowkey Move like I got a bounty Watch my empire build Slowly We stacking up Was feeling stuck Music is timeless It cannot decay I'm here to stay I apologize for going away Had it Italian made I'm well paid I grind all day just to get a payday Where I'm from there's no aid Huh Roam till I got to my zone Still on the prowl No car she walked with me through the miles All smiles She been digging the style The drip got her wet Flex on my ex with next Flipping my wrist like a chef Ink on my chest Mtl i rep Mess with the team you'll get wrecked
(lyrics) (Fenly) We do big moves for the loot I'm coming through With my troups To get amused We drinking booze Might pull up in coups Above the roof Where my mind be Ask about me Pure Hemp on my green leafs Lately I been icy And on the grind you'll Never find me Unless the day one homies Hit my line to get wavy To unwind I'm drinking Hennessy With some iced tea Then I watch my shorty wine up on me Slowly We party Like we Making money On the daily Getting trippy with the bros Never gets old Whether it's sunny or cold In MTL We popping 40s Way below zero Smoking indo Indoors of the studios Huhuh (Hook) (Cause I like to hang out late with the homies) (*Meen Green) (MusoNi) We contemplate among other things Coming to you live like them guitar strings Exposing playa, hataz Fiending for the clickbait My man be like, wait First let's finish this 40 Then we b-legit like the click The best ideas comes up when im im the shower But im so montree, Ville St-Laurent feels like the Pacific Northwest And I had to confess My team be the best.. (Fenly) Ayo shoutout to my bros Out here killing flows Still after reaching the top We on the block Huh I don't discriminate Made it happen just to demonstrate All it takes is faith I'm who I want to be I'm never fake What you see is what you get Bitch I rep the set Young and feeling like a vet Yeah I really do this We don't he most Killing flows to blow smoke coast to coast Living by the code how it goes (Hook) (Muso) Cannot deal with these... Unfit emcees Why don't they just dance, or paint or sing like the Force MDs On ghostface killah, They were fire Can't remember, That particular song Im peculiar with these niggas thinking they the shit I keep those extra clips Just In case si ya un panique I show up in the middle of a OK Corral with a charisma that's sick And I charm the crowd and tax their ass as if I was the internal revenue Services I be that gravedigga with those corpseses I'm lost with no reception, hundred miles (kilometers) from Corpus Christi ...see, I'm too passionate and desperate You can see me with the sign that says Mikah 9 is the best rapper of all time Im through with you Like a wack ass cd I eject and throw it out in the freeway Black Silk got sentenced convicted, did his time like Freeway But on the flipside, we tell shit like it is since shit is misconscrewed I like my shit raw, with a zest of attitude Wrote this on my way to studio as usual You guessed it, Random Mitchell On a government coverup so I'm trying to make it covert and simple Incognito it's that negro Tell me what's on the table Don't u wanna hear the sound of that gun that's under the table? Setting up shop im selling tapes and watermelon, merci Ah fuck it coming back with the pen Joe Pesci and im out... Yeah! Peace to my cousin The Bottom Line, Peace to Bilo Mark The Magnanimous...you famous Huilly Huile whas da deal My peoples at loop sessions My peoples at librairie Racines DJ White Socks Pro-V Giovanni Marks, for all you marks Out there..and remember: If you are the light, you are the path..
(Muso) Garment district flow Black silk stereo I'm panting and painting looks good on my canvas Great Gatzby, a touch of fashion, stagnant Fenly And MÜs, somethin deeper than Atlantis Fuck a French fry we grill niggas, jour et soir None of these basic niggas can fuck with my repertoire I be, alpha omega Harder than Cormega Like those cats I stick up Snatch crumbs and scrape up.. (Fenly) I really grind Flex to remind them Some been forgetting im a killa with this rhyming Young and im wilding Environment built a wild man Still I keep my city on my shoulder like a violin Violent on a beat I'm a beast on these streets Doing anything to eat Cause the fam got to feast They loving the sound We keep it so underground But you'll never see me down Whenever I come around Find me in the metro Lowkey I'm on stealth mode Lit like a candle Shoutout to the bando Hustle till it shows G-Code Is the cheat code bozo Acting like you ain't know so Sticking to the code Get you counting bankrolls I'm killing these flows Till I pull up in a Rolls Accomplishing my goals until I'm old Way below zero bro I'm cold Way below zero so I'm froze My lyrics incredible These lyrics nothing but gold I wake to get this dough I wake up and get some more Nigga (Hook) Things happen when you making shit happen (4x) Been busy killing flows And getting dough She calling me an asshole I'm ignoring my phone On a beat I'm going in That's what's going on Making bands With the fam And I'm going ham Cold nigga In a cold city Ima turn nothing to something And these niggas think I'm bluffing I'm a different type of fly Only my girl gets a reply Leaving these other ladies on stand by Why Cause I'm done wasting my time Fuck what they say I'm on a wave Nothing is bothering me Build my empire like Legos I'm Spitting this fuego So much to live for Living out my dreams And much more On a cruise to what's in store Never been a bore If you're fly welcome aboard Huh uh Huh uh Shit gets real in the battlefield Find me with the one that kept it real Been trill Still pouring liquor For my niggas Out here in the ville MTL is cold as steel Its cold 4real (burr!) I stay with the shits Every day I'm on a wave Back in forth with my ways To get paid always I'm grinding until I hit the grave Eyes on the prize Third eye sees through your disguise It's to late to apologize I'm on the rise with my guys Mind on mine fuck the rest Test me know you're getting checked All about a lick and a check I gotta stay fresh with my set We rep real city She the coldest Lose yourself if you lose focus Lose your life if you don't know this Nigga (Hook) (MusoNi) Niggaz act like posers End in comatosis Shout to my homie Lotus Every time rhyme They always know it's time To catch wreck in the 4th floor Of the a1 stronghold They book me for the right role Of the nigga who don't give No fucks at all Just like Khadijah Back in California Seen too many of my bros Harassed by the 5-Os Just like in Montree It happens here see The first generations Who just took the nation By storm, troopers It's been a while since I have toked on a hookah For those who been asking yo im rapping like parappa Against the powers that be They can keep the pussy I don't want no bush, Nor Clinton Which btw the only Clinton i listen to is George That's when I stumbled upon this woman that was gorge-ous Im skandalous Im scared to bust A ten-point program To avoid gettin smoked like Seagram Amongst so many, Others..


Fenly & MusoNi are...


Raps: Fenly + MusoNi

All beats produced by Colin (The Spirit of '95) MusoNi

Recording Engineer: Deimas Rasla @ Harmless Studio

Album cover photo by Andy Ziel

Peace and thank you for bumpin!


released December 10, 2021


all rights reserved



MÜs Montreal, Québec


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